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About me

Birds and Landscapes are two of my main passions when it comes to photography. I love the huge variety of bird species, their behaviour, colour and the difficulty they often present when trying to get an exceptional photograph. Landscape work is always challenging as the changes in light can turn an average event into a great one and vice-versa. I haven't found much that is easy about bird or landscape photography especially as you move beyond 'record' shots of fairly common birds or very average landscape images. As my photography has progressed I am no longer satisfied with what I would call passive images, I have to find something unusual, exciting and exceptional to capture and this trend means that the highs and lows of days out photographing birds or landscapes are ever greater - the desire drives emotional engagement and if you get what you want its magical but if you don't its the pits. However, there is no bigger thrill than when you have camera in hand and the lucky moment presents itself. Indeed, good fortune is also an attribute that is much underplayed.

My photography has taken me to Hungary, Finland, Romania, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Iceland plus many wonderful sites in the UK - the Scottish Highlands, Bempton Cliffs, Morecambe Bay and many reserves around the country. I have also had numerous trips to Pikelow farm in Cheshire to study woodland birds and to Aberford in Yorkshire to catch images of the kingfishers. 

With landscape photography it takes me a long time to get everything set up right to get the shot and its probably the area I need to spend more time on to get better at. I am also not great at crawling out of bed at the wee small hours to catch a beautiful sunrise.

The gear I use is all Canon, a 1DX body, with 200-400mm, 300mm and 600mm lenses. The need for long reach is just a given in wildlife photography- as is the burden on your back with the weight of the gear !  

I was recently awarded an Associate Distinction by the Royal Photographic Society and I hope you enjoy viewing the selection of my best images on this website. 

To view my SPORTS website please log into www.cmsportsphotography.co.uk


Contact me on e-mail at :  conor20@mac.com

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Wildlife Photographer Cheshire, GB